USB 3.0 interface for block cameras


(Vertical USB3 Micro B port)

The TL6035 USB 3.0 Interface Board from AIVION connects to the digital video interface of the block cameras and supports progressive HDTV formats. Since there is no analogue-to-digital conversion on these modules, excellent image quality is guaranteed

Features TL6035

  • =A compact, easy-to-use HDTV USB 3.0 compliant video streaming solution
  • = Up to 1080p30 uncompressed HDTV video data, 4:2:2 YUV format
  • =The module receives digital video signals at the input and sends UVC (USB Video Class) compliant data packets containing digital video payload to a connected host computer
  • =Operates always as Super Speed USB3.0 device (Host or OTG operation modes are not supported)
  • =The host computer must be running a UVC-capable operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows 7)
  • =Parallel up-and downstream of camera control and status data possible (USB CDC)
  • =The input supports multiplexed LVDS-based video data
  • =Fully USB bus-powered camera solution possible depending on the camera
  • =The supply voltage for the camera is generated onboard

TL6035 Video Standard

The 6035 supports the following HDTV video standards. Note that the availability of video standards depends on the capabilities of the camera block used.

Video standard

Block diagram TL6035

TL6035 USB 3.0 Block Diagram

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TL6035 PCB Connector - USB interface

Connections overview

LVDS Video (J2)

KEL 30 connector for micro coaxial cable

LVDS digital video from camera
serial control interface

USB microB connector (J6)


External power connector (J7)

5 pin connector

Pins 1, 2: Input voltage 5V to 7V DC
Pins 4, 5: GND
Pin 3: System reset, pull to GND for reset

RS232 UART Connector J9

Pins 1 bis 7: do not connect
Pin 8: GND
Pin 9: RXD (host to camera)
Pin 10: TXD (camera to host)

General information


Board size= 40mm x40mm

Power supply

The camera supply voltage is generated on the TL6035 by a step-up converter circuit. This circuit supplies 9.55V DC (+/-3%) to the camera.

A notice:

USB3.0 is specified for a maximum output power of 4.5W per USB3.0 port on a computer. However, many motherboards used in desktop computer systems can provide more USB3 output power. For notebooks and laptops, IPCs and SBCs, it must be checked on a case-by-case basis whether the USB3 output power is sufficient or not. This is the sole responsibility of the user of the TL6035.

TL6035 External power option:

The TL6035 allows the use of an external power supply if the USB3 power of the computer being used is not sufficient. As described on page 3 of this document, the external power supply can be connected to J7. It is recommended to use a voltage of 6V DC. If an external power supply is used, this voltage on the TL6035 is only used for the camera’s boost converter. All other electronic devices on the TL6035 are always powered via the USB3 port. No settings are required on the TL6035 to use an external power supply. When switching on such a configuration, the external power supply must be provided before or at the same time as the USB3 supply.

Power consumption

Power consumption (FCB-EV75xx + TL6032) 5.6 W
Power consumption TL6032: 2.7W/540mA@5V DC (max.)

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature (min/max): -5°C/+ 60°C = 23°F/140°F
Humidity: 20%-80%

Storage conditions

Temperature (min/max): -20°C/+ 60°C = -4°F/140°F
Humidity: 20%-80%

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