Block Cameras

Discover the advantages of the optical zoom lens, the autofocus functions and the compact housing


Aivion offers a wide range of interfaces, complete development kits and camera solutions for all kinds of applications, such as automotive, broadcast, defense and aerospace, inspection, medical, ROV, surveillance and video conferencing.


Converting 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI signals. Ideal if you have limited space, commercial quality is not sufficient and power consumption is critical.


Modular Imaging & Video Solutions

AIVION is a brand of eVision Systems GmbH Our goal from the beginning was to develop leading camera solutions. Customers who have their core competency in other areas can incorporate our camera technology to add value to their products.

Today, Aivion offers the widest range of interfaces, cameras, converters, software and complete development kits and solutions for all kinds of applications such as automotive, broadcast, defense and aerospace, inspection, medical, ROV, surveillance and video conferencing.

If you are looking for Sony or Tamron block cameras, we have the best choice for your application, or check our own brand of block camera. The best price/performance ratio is one of the mandatory arguments.

Of course, we know that customization is required in some cases. Talk with us if you have a special need and we can discuss solutions. Talk to us if you have a particular need, and we can discuss solutions.

AIVION Video Interface Solutions

Block Cameras

Aivion offers complete kits for the block cameras from Sony, Tamron, and AIVION.
The kits contain all the necessary parts such as camera, interface of choice, cables with connectors and power supplies, so you can test the camera in minutes with this “plug and play” approach.

Intuitive interface solutions for Sony and Tamron block cameras

Discover our custom interface solutions, designed for integration with advanced block cameras from Sony and Tamron. Our product line offers seamless connectivity and high compatibility, making it easy to set up and operate your camera equipment.
Rely on our interface solutions to unleash the full potential of your Sony and Tamron block cameras.

AIVION Optical Fibre


Aivion offers a range of converters that transmit and receive standards-based video signals over various physical media such as coaxial cable and fiber. Unique are the very small form factor converters for 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI and HDMI to 3G/HD-SDI conversion. With a size of 38 × 38 mm, the nanoconverters are ideal for integration into products where space is limited.


Due to special requirements and to enable unique business values, customers cannot always use the standard interface products.
The adaptation of existing interfaces is an essential need today.

Due to our many years of experience, we know our customers’ markets and applications.
We define, specify, and implement the required functions and deliver the prototypes and boards for mass production as a complete solution.

eVision Systems Prototyping